P3C Nano Car Shield (World's 1st Robotic Coating For Cars)

Nano Car Shield

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P3C NCS is World’s First Robotic Coating it is a Nano Coating for Cars that has been developed as a perfect cover to your car. NCS is composed of various materials having varied functions and provide.

  • Nano Car Shield Protect Car Paint From Swirls Marks, Minor Scratches, Hairline Scratches.
  • Nano Car Shield is a invisible Nano Coating which Protects Car paint and Give a long lasting shine.
  • Nano Car Shield Protect Car Paint from harmful UV rays (It absorves 96% ultra-violet Rays).
  • NCS Prevent Paint Oxidation from Acid Rain and Bird dropping.
  • Nano Car Shield Provides Extra gloss to the car.
  • Nano Car Shield Provides Life long lasting Shine to the Car.
  • Life and Warranty of Nano Car Shield is 15 Years.
  • Nano Car Shield is Hydrophilic in Nature which makes Car Cleaning Easy and Effortless.
  • Nano Car Shield Prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt upto 70% as Compared to other Coatings.
  • NCS is the World’s 1st Robotic Nano Coating For Cars Thickness is 70NM.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No NCS is not Ceramic ,but it is 10x better than it (World’s First Robotic Coating)

Life of Nano Car shield is 15 Years, whereas Ceramic/Graphene Coating last only for 2-3 Months and requires Re-Checks again and again.

1. Protects car paint from swirl marks and minor scratches
2. Reduce the accumulation of Dust and Dirt on Car
3. Make Car Washing Easy
4. It protects from bird droppings and acid rains
5. High hydrophilicity.
6. UV radiation resistance upto 96%.
7. High temperatures resistance.
8. No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation.
9. Resistance on chemical compounds influence.
10. Deep and rich color.
11. High paint glow.
12. Scratches resistance (Minor, hair line Scratches).

Hardness of NCS falls between 5-8 moh’s whereas the pencil hardnees(9H) that we see in ceramic coating falls in the range off 1-2.5 Mohs hardness

It is applied through a patented process followed by SOP(Standard operating procedure)

It is developed in IIT Delhi and IIT BHU after 6 Years of Research

Nano car shield have 15 year of life because of its chemicals constituents and deposition technique.

P3C have tested more than 15000 cycles on test samples(coated surface rubbed through a micro fiber cloth by a automated machine in mild dusty environment.)