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India's Premier Perovskite Solar Cell Company

P3C Technology & Solutions Private Limited is committed towards making perovskite solar cells commercially viable in India.

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Nano Car Shield

"Shine that never disappear"

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Self Cleaning Glasses

The perfect solution to mitigate the challenges associated with accumulation of dirt on glasses

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Let's talk about product

P3C is committed to developing a wide range of nanotechnology-based products. Being the leading perovskite solar cell (PSC) company in India, we are firmly working towards the design & development of both the machinery and technology required for independent production. Anti-soiling & Anti-reflective coating, Nano car shield, Self-cleaning coating, and Smart window coating are some of the layers that we are developing alongside the PSC. Apart from these products, we believe that laboratory instruments, and consumables must compete with world standards. Therefore, we are firmly working towards developing various instruments and consumables to boost and expedite the R & D in India.

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Hybrid halide perovskites have emerged as a promising optoelectronic material with high photovoltaic power conversion efficiency (PCE) and low material and processing cost. Since the first reports of perovskite based solar cell with PCE around 3.8 % in 2009 has current certified record efficiency above 24 %.The perovskite solar cell (PSC) presents numerous advantages which includes unique electronic structure, band gap tunability, superior charge transport properties, facile processing, and low cost. This makes it a viable technology for large scale implementation.

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Shine that never disappear. P3C NCS is a permanent nano coating that has been developed as a perfect cover to your car.It has the following benefits:

  • Protects car paint from swirl marks and minor scratches.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.
  • Provides extra gloss to the Car.
  • Reduce the accumulation of Dust and Dirt on Car
  • Makes car washing easy
  • 15 years of Life as well as Warranty
  • Doesn’t require any re-check or any extra visit
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P3C presents the perfect solution to mitigate the challenges associated with accumulation of dirt on glasses. Self Cleaning Glass having the potential to reduce the accumulation of dust up to several times and allows easy cleaning along with which having capabilties to block UV rays thus, having great applications for buildings, windows and automobiles glasses.

Even though the solar cells are very cheaper now we are not able to harness the solar energy to the limit we can due to certain reasons such as low efficiency of panels, huge area required for installation of panels and decrease in performance of panels over the time due to accumulation of dirt and dust on panels. There are reports that the efficiency of current panels decrease up to 40% within a week due soiling. Cleaning of a panel requires at least 3 liters of water and cleaning charges are additional. We have developed a cheap and durable “anti-soiling and anti-reflective coating for solar glass cover”.

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) is a semiconductor manufacturing process which can be used for processing of thin film semiconductors up to 1000 C in span of few seconds or less.Our RTP system is a low cost, portable and easy to handle instrument. RTP can reduce the processing time of thin films prepared in labs from several hours to few minutes.

After long and rigorous research efforts by the team, P3C managed to developed high power factor and durable drivers for LED lights. Now we have launched our 3 products in to the market.